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Beltronics 975E UK/IR/ROI/EU

Beltronics Beltronics 975E - THE INSTALLED RADAR DETECTOR

Beltronics 975E
The Beltronics Vector 975E is designed to stay out of sight. The radar detecting module is separate from the control panel, and is intended to be mounted under the hood, behind the grill. Having the radar and laser detecting units separate allows you to mount the control panel in a more inconspicuous place, such as under the dash.

Radar/Laser | Installation: Installed
Power: 12-24 volt
Guarantee: 2 year (only from us)

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Beltronics 975E UK/IR/ROI/EU



Three features are driver selectable. The Bel Vector 975E provides the superior detecting ability only found in Bel's high performance Vector line of radar detectors. The 975E is specifically calibrated for use in European countries, especially Ireland..

The Beltronics Vector 975E responds to all types of radar currently in use by police, and provides 360 degree detection. The Bel Vector 975E is immune to the VG-2 detector, and provides alerts when VG-2 is in use. Basic support is included for SWS™ alerts as well.

The performance of the Beltronics Vector line of radar detectors is unmatched in the industry. If you are looking for pure and simple high performance detection of radar, look no farther than Bel's Vector line of radar detectors.

Bel Vector 975E will require installation. Installation includes mounting the radar detection unit under the hood of your car, and hard wiring the control panel's power cable. If you have never installed something like this before, please either take this unit to a professional for installation, or choose a different unit.

Beltronics 975E

Beltronics 975E Features

  • X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
  • 360° Protection against all types of Laser
  • Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
  • Safety Warning System (SWS™) Alert
  • VG-2 Undetectable
  • VG-2 Alert
  • Out of Sight Installation
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • City X/K/Ka Mode (extreme urban travel)
  • Highway Mode (suburban travel)
  • Auto and Manual Muting
  • Bright/Dim/Dark Display Settings
  • Loss of Connection Alert
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • Auto Memory Retention
  • Software Upgradable
  • Optional Laser heads*
  • Fully Adjustable Audio Levels
  • Tutorial Mode
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Beltronics 975E Driver Selectable Features

  • Safety Warning System (SWS™) - on/off
  • X/K/Ka Band - on/off
  • AccuSweep™ - pinpoints detection of Ka narrow frequencies

What you get with the bel 975E?

  • Bel 975 E
  • Quick Disconnect Cable
  • Diecast Radar horn with integrated transition to microstrip mixer
  • Owner's Manual

What you get with the bel 975E?

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