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Target LaserTrack LT400 System - Remote Garage Door Opener

Target LaserTrack - LT400 - Laser Garage Door System

Target LaserTrack LT400
Remote Garage Door Opener

Target LaserTrack is a fully automatic remote control deveopeld by Target Automotive. With this highly advanced class 1 laser system you are home earlier. Whenever the vehicle comes within reach, your gate or garage door opens automatically.

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Guarantee: 2 year (only from us)

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Target LaserTrack LT400

Target LaserTrack

Target LaserTrack LT400 System - Remote Garage Door Opener

LT400 Car Kit- includes everything needed to fit a vehicle transponder to your car.

LaserTrack is an infrared system it is able to recognize signals of the police laserguns, because these systems are also using the 904 Nm frequency. Practically all laser systems which use infrared light send out their information on 904 Nanometre, the global standard.

The laserguns for speed control measurements use this frequency as well as the Target LaserTrack does. In the contrary to all other laser systems the Target LaserTrack is the only system that is equipped with intelligent electronics that is capable of recognizing signals of laserguns and other laser systems that use the same frequency. After recognizing a unknown infrared signal the Target LaserTrack automatically switches itself off after a few seconds to prevent interference and, for instance, enable a laser speed control measurement. In this case you will be informed by a light- and audio signal. Target LaserTrack meets the highest European standards for automotive accessories. Therefore you can use the system anywhere.

Target LaserTrack ensures users are more relaxed and comfortable without having to locate missing key fobs. Ideal for both private & commercial applications - up to 50 unique codes (vehicles) can be stored into the one system.

The LaserTrack is manufactured within the The Netherlands and is conform all specifications which ensures a long lasting reliable performance ( 2 year Guarantee ). The LaserTrack is available in three versions:

Installation of the LT400
The LaserTrack Car Kit LT400 is easy to install, and instructions are supplied, however because vehicles are becoming increasingly complex (on-board computers etc) we do recommend you seek a qualified auto-electrician to install the Car Kit.

The Home System LT430 comprises of two main elements, LT420 Home Transponder and LT425 Controller Board. The Home Transponder LT420 needs to be mounted on the outside of your garage door/gate/light at the same height as the vehicle transponder so it can detect the arriving vehicle. The Controller Board LT425 needs to be attached to both the home transponder and to the device it controls, eg. garage door/gate/light. The connection will differ depending on the brand and type of equipment you want to activate, so refer to the garage or gate system dealer for instructions and advice.

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